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January Thru January

Traditional Annual


Both are

13 Month


10 5/8” x  10 1/8”

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For Either


26 Cartoons to Choose From

Visit the Bingo Life Cartoon and Promotional Theme Pages

For More Information

To select from a virtual unlimited number of images to include in your custom calendar, visit the ‘Other Themes’ page HERE where you will find dozens of ideas.  

Coupon Page

The option is available to include 2 additional pages of coupons in your calendar.  These fully perfed coupon pages are actually part of the calendar and will not come loose. Visit the Coupon Option page HERE for all the details.


Your Anniversary Month.

The Perfect Anniversary Player Gift.

Select From an Unlimited

Number Monthly Images

1. Choose a Type:

2. Choose a Theme:

3. Choose a Style:




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With a wide variety of themes and styles to choose from, these custom wall calendars have proven to be the perfect promotional giveaway item. Each calendar is made specifically for your hall and is fully customizable on every page at no additional charge.  After following the 1, 2, 3 steps below, go to HERE for more instructions.  Our newest theme calendar is the Monthly Promotions Calendar that features your biggest promotions each month. Images from online image banks are the prefect source for illustrations. Visit the ‘Promotional Themes’ page for more information.

These custom bingo calendars are proving to be not only a great promotional item that players,and managers love, but also a great communications and planning tool for hall management teams.

These calendars are fully customizable inside and out.

The inside pages can feature any number of a hall’s large and small promotions upcoming in the next year.

These calendars are available year round and make a great anniversary gift for your players.

This 13 month calendar can start any month of the year including your anniversary month.

In order to ensure plenty of time to create your calendar, produce it and have it arrive on time, please get in touch with us to start the design process as early as possible.

Minimum lead time is 60 days.



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BingoToons or

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